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Héctor Santos-Diez

Trado Sustainable Restrooms

Muiños Otero López Arquitectura_MOL Arquitectura

Trado, Pontedeva Ourense, Spain


65 m2

July 09, 2020

Concello de Pontedeva

Muiños Otero López Arquitectura


The intervention aims to respond to a growing demand for the hiking route and the recreational area and lookout over the rivers Miño and Deva in O Valiño, and at the same time order the place and complement the existing environment with a space capable of responding to the needs and demands from visitors and local citizens.

Héctor Santos-Diez

For the execution of the toilets, we opt for a polished concrete platform with raised metal perimeter of the natural terrain of MacAdam and on it a container formed by prefabricated reinforced concrete modules and facades composed of a bioclimatic skin of corten steel and glass, placed with different dispositions like outer skin and defensive anti vandalic, having inside a facade of laminated glass on steel frames. The interconnection lobby is covered with a bioclimatic roof, with a small waiting area with a trellis.

Héctor Santos-Diez

The basic premise of the intervention is the integration with nature, and the search for a harmonious relationship, but with a certain contrast between the piece to be executed and the environment. It is intended that this small building act as a functional sculptural element, on the shores of the rivers Miño and Deva.

Héctor Santos-Diez

_integration in the environment and kilometer zero

For all materials and construction systems, we choose proximity and sustainability options. The suppliers, construction companies and contractors are from the same area of intervention. The wood used comes from local wood, from sustainable silviculture of Galician p

Héctor Santos-Diez